Wednesday, 31 July 2013


  1. Superstar in one more Historic Movie as Purandara Dasa : One of the organization in Bengaluru presented a Portrait of the Saint Purandara Dasa to Rao Bahadur, friend of Rajinikanth. Everyone surprised to see that the portrait resembled Rajinikanth... Rao Bahadur addressed Audience and said that he will persuade Rajini to act in this film.

  2. Vijay's Dedication for Jilla : Vijay dedicated him completely to the movie Jilla where he transform himself to bring out the perfect look of Madurai Youth. He observed many youths body language in that city to make his role perfect.

  3. Anjali returns to Kollywood : After she went missing, she declared that she will not return to Tamil Cinemas because of some problem with her step mother. But now she reconsidered her decision and she is acting in the film “GANGA”- muni part-3. We can also notice that earlier she danced in a song in Singam-2.
  4. Shah Rukh Khan's Advice to his Son On Girls : Shah Rukh Khan, the Brand Ambassador of Kolkatta says that during the conversation with his son, he would never speak about the girl friends but instead he insist his son not to break a woman's heart. “If U do so, you will never be forgiven by your father and mother”. --- What a father!!!!!!
  5. Shriya Saran was spotted in a Rickshaw : Shriya's career is faded out in both Kollywood and Tollywood. The latest buzz is that she was spotted in a Rickshaw. Although it is not true, it is a part of the dance performance during Mirchy Awards Ceremony. It's time for her to make a grand comeback to shut the mouth of her critics.